Our mission was to build the most comfortable and safest brain protection in the world. We found to do this, we had to do it all differently.

5 years of R&D later, and here's what we built.


EN1077 and ASTM F2040 certified. But not just certified, absolutely SMASHING the standards. To date, we have not seen drop test results for any snowsports helmets that beat ours, up to 34.8% better than the standard.

If you find better, let us know. Go on, ask your current helmet manufacturer for their results.

Click on the images below for a run down on just some of our unique design elements


Without proper testing data, you can't make an informed decision as to which helmet to buy.

We can't help but think the lack of sharing of results in the industry isn't an accident.

So we built our units to have safety we're PROUD to show you. These are our official certification drop testing results. We aren't able to post the whole report, but here's the important bits.
*We don’t use our conditioned and alternate anvil results in any advertising. While they’re incredible (see 70% better than standard), and important to satisfy, we don’t believe them to be the most relevant stats when assessing the bulk of head injury mechanism. Never will your helmet come out of the oven at 38˚C or out of a freezer at -28˚C, for example.*


It's all useless if it doesn't feel good on your head. We made it fit closer, extended coverage ranges and reinvented, opted for premium materials at every opportunity and really thought about how we wanted it to feel.

The answer was we didn't want it to feel like anything. We want you to forget that you're wearing it. It's your day; don't waste it having a helmet bounce around all day.
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