About us.

The name Anti Ordinary, while we'd like to think was some stroke of branding genius, is more an adjective than a name.

Ordinary is the baseline, the every day.
Extraordinary is the ordinary, but done well.
Anti Ordinary is the respectful dissent of the way things have always been done, to find the better way for the future. It's questioning everything we do, every day, to try to find the best way regardless of how tough it is. It's thinking outside the traditional norms, and proving people wrong when they say it's impossible. It's doing the work everyone was too comfortable to do themselves.

When two best mates, Brodie and Rob started this 5 years ago people said it wasn't possible, especially not for them. The lads from Brisbane, Australia - a place with 0 recorded snow days ever, took a look at brain protection on the snow and asked "why isn't it better?'.

For years, and even today, people say it's impossible. Especially for two young guys, who have never built a helmet, have never been in the snow industry, never run a startup or even manufactured a product before. When they started, Rob wasn't even of legal age to drink in the US.

Interestingly, that's exactly why they're the best placed to do it. Sometimes it takes an outsider to question exactly the way we do things, and to see past the old ways of thinking of 'that's impossible'.

Anti Ordinary prides itself on proof. We don't care, at all, whether people believe us; because we knew they wouldn't. Instead, we decided we'd build something that was undeniable. In safety, comfort and in technology. The numbers always speak for themselves.

We have an internal mantra at Anti Ordinary 'If we can't build the best in the world, we don't bother'.

Being ordinary is for everyone.
Being extraordinary is for some.
Being Anti Ordinary is for the few who shape the future.

The likelihood is if you've read this far, you're Anti Ordinary too.

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